Privacy Policy

Privacy and data protection policy 1. Processing of data of Users and Persons connected to Gogstaad

1.1 Processed Data a) Information provided directly by users: Registration data: information provided by users when creating an account on our website or Gogstaad app (the “Platform”): username and email. User Profile Information: information added by Users to the Platform to enable them to use the Gogstaad Service. i.e. their mobile number, email and delivery address. Users can view and edit their personal data in their profile whenever they want. Gogstaad does not store Users' debit/credit card details which are not needed as payments for their orders are made directly to the merchant upon delivery by cash or in the case of choosing to pay by card upon delivery with the merchant's POS. Debit Details /credit card are requested for the registration of the Merchants' subscription to licensed electronic payment service providers who receive the included data directly and store and process it to facilitate the Merchants' payment process, which is necessary for their subscriptions. This information is in no way stored on Gogstaad's servers. Merchants may delete the debit/credit card information associated with their account at any time. The Service Provider will then delete the information, which will have to be re-entered or selected to place new orders through the Platform. Merchants may request and obtain the privacy policies of these providers at any time. Additional information that users wish to share: any information that the user may provide to Gogstaad on their own initiative for other purposes. Examples include a photo of the user or billing address in the case of users who have requested to receive invoices from Gogstaad. Information about previous communications with Gogstaad: Gogstaad will have access to information provided by users to resolve any queries or complaints regarding the use of the platform, either through the contact form, by email or by phone through the department customer service. Information about incidents involving any of the parties involved in the provision of services through the Platform for the purpose of submitting insurance claims or taking any other actions with the insurance companies contracted with Gogstaad. Transcribing and recording conversations between the USER and Gogstaad for the purpose of handling incidents, questions or other inquiries that may arise. Information about communication between Users and Agents: Gogstaad will have access to communications exchanged between Users and Agents who engage with the Platform through the chat system provided on the Platform. b) Information provided indirectly by users: – Data resulting from the use of the Platform: Gogstaad collects the data resulting from the use of the Platform by users each time they interact with the Platform. – Application and device data through which the User connects to the Platform: Gogstaad stores data on the device and Application that users use to access the Services. These elements are: The IP address that each user uses to connect to the Internet using their computer or mobile phone. Information about his or her computer or mobile phone, such as its Internet connection, browser type, version and operating system, and device type. User Account Data: information about orders placed by each User, as well as comments and/or comments made about them by that User. User browsing history and preferences. – Data derived from the origin of the user: if a user ends up on the Gogstaad platform through an external source (such as a link from another website or social network), Gogstaad collects data about the source from which the user came to Gogstaad. – Data resulting from case management: if a User contacts the Gogstaad platform via the contact form or on the Gogstaad phone number, Gogstaad will collect the messages received in the format used by the User and can use and store them to manage current or future incidents. - Data resulting from cookies: Gogstaad uses its own and third-party cookies to facilitate browsing by its users and for statistical purposes (for more information about the data we collect through cookies and how to manage cookie control , see Cookie Policy). – Data obtained from external third parties: Gogstaad may collect personal data or other information about the user from external third parties only if the user authorizes such third parties to share this information with Gogstaad. For example, if a user creates an account through their Facebook account, Facebook may disclose to us the user's personal data that can be found in his or her Facebook profile (such as name, gender, or age), but only if the privacy settings of the user's Facebook account allow their sharing. Similarly, if a user accesses Gogstaad through products and services offered by Google, Google may send the user's browsing data to Gogstaad, with access to the platform through the links created by Google, but only if the privacy settings the user's and/or browser's Google account allows such sharing. Gogstaad's access to User information provided by the external third party may be controlled by User in accordance with the third party's privacy policy. – Geo-location data: subject to Users' consent, Gogstaad will collect data related to their location, including the real-time geolocation of their computer or mobile device.

1.2 Purpose of personal data processing

1.2.1. To use the Gogstaad Platform and our Services, Gogstaad uses the data collected from Users to enable them to access and communicate with the Gogstaad Platform and to provide the services they request through their personal account on the Gogstaad Platform, in accordance with the process described in the "Terms of Use ».

1.2.2. To send messages about the services provided, Gogstaad uses Users' personal data to communicate via e-mail and/or send them SMS messages related to the operation of the service. Gogstaad may send messages to the User's mobile phone with information related to the status of the requested order. When the order is complete, Gogstaad will email the User a summary/receipt of the order and its price.

1.2.3. To detect and investigate fraud and potential crimes Gogstaad also uses the information to research and analyze how to improve the services it provides to users and to develop and improve the features of the service it offers. Gogstaad uses the information internally for statistical purposes, to analyze user behavior and trends, to understand how users use the Gogstaad Platform, and to administer and improve the Services offered, including the possibility of adding new, different Services to the Platform. Gogstaad can monitor all actions that may lead to fraud or the commission of a crime related to the means of payment used by merchants. Gogstaad may ask Merchants for a copy of their ID as well as certain information about the debit/credit card used to order their subscription to the Platform. In any case, all data will be processed by Gogstaad for the sole purpose of the company carrying out the activities of fraud prevention, detection and monitoring and will be stored for as long as its relationship with the relevant user remains in force and even after ., until the user's right to make claims or take legal action regarding payment for products or services ordered through Gogstaad expires. Data related to the debit/credit card used will be retained until the incident is resolved and for 120 days thereafter. If irregularities are detected in its use that could be considered illegal activities, Gogstaad reserves the right to retain the data provided and share it with the relevant authorities to conduct the relevant investigation. In such cases, Gogstaad may share the data with the authorities based on the legal obligation to prosecute acts contrary to applicable law.

1.2.4. To ensure safety and an appropriate environment for the safe provision of services Gogstaad may use the data to which it has access to ensure the correct use of products requested on the Platform (e.g. to ensure delivery to persons over 18).

1.2.5. To comply with the law and to file and defend legal claims Gogstaad informs Users that conversations with the Agent using the Platform's chat system may be stored, viewed and used by Gogstaad for the purpose of filing and/or defending any claims and/or legal actions that may be necessary to protect the legal rights and interests of Gogstaad, as well as to manage any incidents arising in connection with orders.

1.2.6. For promotional and commercial offers (online and offline)